Posljednji fan #3

2011    comic-album


Posljednji fan je saga o pomahnitalom fanu i njegovom idolu Željku Pervanu ispričana iz perpektive autora.

Published in:

  • Posljednji fan comic-album (Stripos) / Croatia, 2013

'Last fan' is a satirical comic album, homage to a group of comedians from the TV comedy show ‘Večernja škola’ which was very popular in Croatia during the 90’s. In this comic, the author, as a fanatic, has his personal conflict with the protagonist of this show, Željko Pervan, when he decided, after a long-year break, to move from an independent TV station to a national TV station. The author takes this step personally, so he decides to make a comic about him taking the comedian hostage to deal with him in person. When he finished this four page comic, he gave it to Mr. Pervan, but he never responded… A few months later, the author decided to make the second part of the story and give it to the next comedian from this group, and then after that, make the third part, and so on…

This is a story about infatuation and disappointment, about a fan and his idol. It's an all time story about television's influence on childhoods.